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Arse-Gate! Find out about the Para-Paddy dubbed Arse-Gate in this episode!


In this episode, the Paranormal Sisters discuss D.O.P or The DOPler Effect otherwise known as Disappearing Object Phenomenon! Have you ever been baffled as something you just put down suddenly wasn't there anymore?


Also, has the Gruesome discovery in the woods been debunked? 


Find out who has kicked off in the paranormal community in a hilarious story that at least one U.K team did not laugh at but the girls have dubbed this "Arse-Gate"


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Finally, we discuss in Para News the latest in the Chicago Batman/ Mothman sightings! It just gets weirder...!

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Dead Creepy “IT’S A GAS!”


In this week's episode, Paranormal Sisters Claire Barrand and Linzi Smith discuss Para News, Who's had a Para-Paddy this week? and we have another Skeptics View with Daryl Whitebottom. 

The girls discuss the "almost viral" video of their Gruesome discovery in the woods and discuss whether or not they have found evidence of the U.K's Bigfoot!

Not to be missed is the girls' advice on a "Taboo" subject that Paranormal community needs to address in Paranormal Uncensored! 

Finally, Claire Barrand reads a traditional Welsh story from Wirt Sikes book Welsh Folk-lore, Fairy Mythology Legends, and Traditions 


This Morning with Peter Andre and Jolene Lockwood

Black Eyed Kid Lured into Trap!?


Binaural Beats

Gruesome Discovery




SPECIAL EPISODE! Interview with Welsh Paranormal Investigators Richard Oliver and Jared Walters of “PARANORMAL NOW”


In this SPECIAL EPISODE Supernatural Sisters Claire Barrand and Linzi Smith talk to Richard Oliver and Jared Walters, Welsh Paranormal experts from the team "PARANORMAL NOW" 

They discuss what typical cases they get called out to investigate in the South Wales Valleys with some true stories of hauntings, including a case in which Reverend Robert Lionel Fanthorpe came to assist with. 

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There is a First Time for Everything! (May 12th 2017)


In the FIRST EVER EPISODE of Dead Creepy Podcast, sisters Claire Barrand, Paranormal Writer and Researcher and Linzi Smith Investigator and Experiencer have a light hearted chat about the first time they experienced an apparition of a ghost together... or was it? Also, we will meet Daryl Whitebottom, skeptic and debunker of ghosts in Skeptics View. We find out "who has thrown their toys out the pram?" in the Paranormal community recently? In Para News, the girls discuss the recent Mothman-type sightings in Chicago and to finish there is a five-minute ghost story about the legend of Bloody Mary, sure to send you into sweet nightmares...!



Chicago Mothman Sightings




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