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September 29, 2017

In Part One of a two-part episode Dead Creepy Podcast Hosts Claire Barrand and Linzi Smith cover Sage Paracon 2017 and interview special guests including 


John Zaffis "The Godfather of the Paranormal" 

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About John

John Zaffis has over forty-three years of experience studying and investigating the paranormal. He has had the opportunity to work for and with his aunt and uncle, Ed and Lorraine Warren. This sent John beyond looking for ghosts and hauntings and into studying demonology under the Warrens. This led into John's involvement with cases of possession and exorcism, which gave him the opportunity to work with prominent exorcists in this field, including Roman Catholic priests, monks, Buddhists, rabbis and ministers. John has assisted and worked with well-known exorcists Bishop Robert McKenna, Father Malachi Martin, and the Reverend Jun.

His research has taken him throughout the United States, Canada, England and Scotland covering several thousands of cases. Through hands-on investigating with other investigators and clergy, he has obtained a great deal of knowledge and understanding of the paranormal and is considered one of the foremost authorities in the field today.

John has a lot of first-hand paranormal experience, including experience with ghosts, poltergeists, and demonic and diabolical entities. He has also worked extensively with both spiritualists and psychics concerning how their knowledge is used for channeling, reincarnation (past-life regression), calling of the spirits for information, and how they use meditation to acquire the information which they are seeking. Because of his personal experiences with hauntings, ESP, near-death experiences, and other paranormal activities, he is firm in his conviction that such phenomena exist.

John has been featured in the SyFy television series Haunted Collector., Discovery Channel's documentaries A Haunting in Connecticut and Little Lost Souls. John has also appeared on Unsolved Mysteries, Piers Morgan, and many other print and news media events. John also appears in Graveyards and In A Dark Place, both books written by Ed and Lorraine Warren. John's first book, Shadows of the Dark, co-written with Brian McIntyre, was released in September, 2004. John has also appeared on Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures. John is working on multiple follow-up books currently, and is lecturing all over the United States at colleges and universities.

Over the years, John has collected many hundreds of possessed items either given to or sent to him by people wishing to be rid of them. The John Zaffis Paranormal Museum opened in 2004 in order to display these items, and continues to be open today. John wrote and starred in the documentary film Museum of the Paranormal, released in 2010, which gives the viewer a tour of his museum and the stories behind some of the objects.  John was the starring role in the television series Haunted Collector which ran on SyFy from 2011 through 2013.


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BRIAN J CANO "Scared!" "Haunted Collector" 

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Since 2002, Brian has officially been a wanderer on a path of adventure and discovery. Having been inspired at an early age with shows like In Search Of… as well as the movie, Ghostbusters, Brian’s paranormal journey found direction with the cable-access-to-web show, SCARED!

Evolving from the Skeptic to the Scientist under the SCARED! banner, those early dalliances in urban exploration led him into exploring the many possibilities that existing and emerging technologies offered for paranormal investigation. It was this focus that resulted in his inclusion on the Zaffis family-centered show, Haunted Collector, which ran for three seasons. On the show, Brian was the Tech Specialist, responsible for the implementation and use of all the gadgets and gear. Best known for mixing old and new techniques of investigating, he often found himself doing the physical tasks, such as crawling under houses and up into attics. He also served as second in command of the team and helped to manage the deployment of the crew itself.

Ultimately, his goal as an investigator is to measure, quantify and get empirical evidence to support the claims of paranormal activity reported while maintaining his skeptical edge. “It’s not the phenomena I am skeptical about, it’s those who report it”.

Recently, Brian has been touring the world appearing at paranormal events as well as lecturing at colleges. His successful, “The Method” event tour has helped attendees find focus and become better investigators. In his spare time, Brian co-created a paranormal card game called “The Three Pillars” which simulates an investigation and includes many figures in the field on the cards themselves. His work has been praised in several publications, including TAPS Paramagazine and Haunted Times Magazine. In 2016, he served as the Lead Global Investigator on the inaugural National Ghost Hunting Day’s “World’s Largest Ghost Hunt” where he led an experiment entitled, “The Bridge” to try and link the world in a web of active, collective consciousness.

His latest focus has been on spreading “#Paralosophy”, a term he coined as a mash-up of paranormal and philosophy. “There are a lot of people out there doing the Work now and I’d like them to think more and do less. Really consider the whys before addressing the hows”.

Claire Hinks Psychic Medium 


Claire says, 

"When I was 14yrs old I began hearing voices. But the voices had no faces just lots of bodies in my mind, a bit like being in a busy pub and hearing the drone of people chatting. Not long after this started, sadly my beloved Grandad passed away. I had shared my gift with him and he had been extremely supportive and very open-minded. I will always love him for that.

For the next 20 something years, I did very little about “using” my gift. I guess you could say I was busy growing up, getting a job, married and having a family! But then one day about 4years ago I went on a paranormal investigation and the light came back on. The rest is history. From that day on I have daily contact with the spirit world, seeing, hearing, feeling and sometimes even smelling them. I began doing one to one readings which grew into group events and now the groups are slowly getting bigger. Spirit have supported me all the way giving me opportunities which I now recognise as progress in my development. Along the way I often feel my Grandad around me and at times he has been a strong guiding hand from the spirit world. It helped me to realise that everything happens for a reason because as much as I miss Grandad in the physical world, he has been incredibly helpful to me from the spirit side!  I feel very lucky to be able to connect people with their loved ones in spirit and to give them the comfort and validation they so often need.

I am completely embracing my journey now and the more I connect with people the better the communication becomes. So far so good……….."

 Russel Edwards 



Russell Edwards is a 48-year-old businessman, originally from Birkenhead, who has, after years of dedicated research, produced the definitive evidence to prove the identity of the world’s most famous murderer: Jack the Ripper. Russell, who is married with two children and now lives in the south-east of England, explains here how a combination of chance, hard work, and cutting-edge science has finally resolved the 126-year-old case: read more -

Rev Dr. David Parry Spiritualist/Writer 



As a published author, poet, dramaturge, Fellow of The Royal Society of Arts, active Libertarian, member of the World Nation Writers' Union - and prominent (Old Catholic) Bishop, David Parry has made personal contributions to British arts for over 30 years, while serving the general interests of our indigenous artistic community abroad. Currently, he is the Chairman of Eurasian Creative Guild: a project attempting to create networks between actors, writers, dancers, singers, filmmakers, and poets from across Central Asia and Europe. 

To contextualize, following his move to London in the early ‘80s, he graduated in religious studies at King’s College, London, thereafter obtaining a Master’s degree in Pastoral Theology at Heythrop College, London. Relatedly, he is presently completing a D. Philos on Henrik Ibsen at the University of Bergen in Norway, before being installed as a Professor of Drama at Osh State University next October (2017). He has a near obsession with Sacred Theatre on both a practical and theoretical level. Certainly, he has written dramas as well as performed on stage and screen – not to mention having worked as a director and producer when required – as a means to evolve his passion, whilst simultaneously breaking untried boards.



MJ Dickson is the Founder and Lead Investigator of Sage Paranormal as well as the Founder of Sage Paracon UK, based in West Midlands, UK. Her experiences with the paranormal began at a young age and she soon realized that she had inherited her mothers’ psychic abilities. But paired with her military father’s penchant for logic, MJ found that this unusual combination of psychic and cynic lent itself perfectly to becoming a successful paranormal investigator. Those skills soon came in handy when she suspected she was living in a haunted house and wanted answers. Since forming Sage Paranormal in 2011, MJ and her team have investigated numerous locations throughout the UK. Due to their professionalism, and the level of evidence they were able to document, Sage Paranormal is recognized as one of the UK’s most well-known and well-respected paranormal teams.

Don’t let her diminutive stature fool you, Dickson is known to have “balls of steel”, running towards all manner of the unexplained. In fact, MJ lectures at paranormal conventions worldwide, teaching other the risks involved and the basics of investigating. A popular Paracon lecturer, MJ is constantly searching for new and innovative ways of documenting physical evidence of the paranormal. Her book, which is a ‘How to’ guide, introducing the reader to the world of paranormal investigation, as well as basic psychic development, includes a short biography and is due for release in 2017.