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July 28, 2017



With evidence suggesting the Inn was here during the Norman Conquest in the 11th Century, a few ghosts may be not unexpected, but a more grisly past is credited with spectral visitations.

Used during the past as both a courtroom & an execution place with its’ own oak hanging beam, it’s said that the victims of the rope still appear and is why the Inn is listed as one of Britains’ Most Haunted Pubs. Dead Creepy Podcast was recorded live from the pub on July 23rd 2017 for our special "parapub" episode!



Yes, we just we had to discuss the paranormals hottest topic this week  "THE HAUNTED DOLL" featured on This Morning and now owned by Ghost of Britain!



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Claire and Linzi discuss "TRUTH PROOF" by Paul Sinclair and why they give it a five-star review.


"Paul Sinclair lives with his wife and family in the UK seaside town of Bridlington,
 on the east coast of Yorkshire. 

Paul began his research in 2002 after creating the ILF-UFO sightings website. He is the most thorough researcher, who is not content with hearsay or rumours. He studies and investigates his subjects to the minutest detail, then seeks out documented evidence to back up his work. He has interviewed witnesses to events far stranger than anything reported worldwide. Some are recent, some are historical, but they are all mysterious and fascinating. "

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I have been eager to read Paul Sinclair's book as I have wondered about a possible connection between strange disappearances and unexplained phenomenon occurring in the same areas around the globe. I have also noticed the frustrating lack of media coverage on missing individuals after the initial searches had been called off. Likewise, I have been baffled by the apparent acceptance of vague coroner reports from the general public that a body found (or not) “may or may not” have committed suicide or “got into difficulty” before that person then is removed from the missing person list, and the online news reports vanish.
All too often researchers simply don’t dig deep enough, they don’t look at the bigger picture, and they focus on only one phenomenon and miss vital links that are not at all obvious at first glance.
Never having quite been contented with the investigation done into clusters of missing people by other well-known authors, I have been frustrated that nobody links cases to local folklore, ufos, and other strange sightings. It is as if doing so somehow discredits the seriousness of the investigator. Linking real life missing people to the possible paranormal phenomenon is a taboo subject and one that most would steer clear of for fear of being insensitive, but Paul Sinclair's book has finally managed to achieve this in an incredibly diplomatic way.
Years of research has gone into this book, and Paul has a way of writing that feels genuine and honest. Yorkshire folk call a “spade a spade,” at last someone that feels no need to embellish or skirt around the facts and this is precisely what this book realises. I do not know Paul personally, but his writing style felt as credible as if my brother or father or husband was stood there telling me these facts. I did not need to question the integrity of what I was reading as he backed it up with newspaper clippings, drawings, and frank eyewitness accounts. The author presents the evidence in a refreshingly candid format, leaving the reader to reach their conclusions and yet left in no doubt that what is going on in this region of East Yorkshire is not coincidental and terrifyingly, nor is it likely to be limited to this area. I look forward to reading much more of Pauls work and predict that he will be in demand now for many future TV, Radio and public speaking events. Well Done Paul Sinclair!



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